Bindu Varghese’s life changed direction when, in high school, her grandmother had a stroke. Watching her physical therapy sessions, Varghese was amazed to see her progress from being completely paralyzed on one side to eventually taking steps with a walker. The experience inspired Varghese to study occupational therapy as an undergraduate student at TWU. 

After graduating in 2001, she worked as a therapist at HealthSouth Sugarland Rehabilitation Hospital and was quickly promoted to director of therapy operations. Though initially filled with “self-doubt and fear,” Varghese became confident enough in management that she decided to return to TWU for her Executive MBA, which she earned in 2013—while seven months pregnant and parenting a toddler. She says her degree was made possible by the program’s flexibility, which accommodates working mothers like herself. “Many schools don’t provide that,” she notes. 

Today, Varghese is CEO of Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Sugarland—part of the largest inpatient rehab hospital network in the nation—and the first woman of color to occupy the position. “Growing up as a little brown girl in this big old world, I never imagined that I would be a CEO,” Varghese says. “My success is truly based on the education I’ve received from TWU.”