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Texas Woman’s senior Jennifer Romero landed the internship of her dreams when she worked two summers with Dallas-based LATINA Style magazine,


A field worker turned evolutionary biologist is doing her part to inspire new careers.In 2020, Elma González, ’65, Ph.D., donated a piece of property


About 15 years ago, former associate dean Stephanie L. Woods, ’79, R.N., Ph.D., and a handful of nursing students witnessed an unforgettable sight:

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What If? The nursing shortage needs solutions.Ask researchers and practitioners around the country, and here’s what they will tell you: The nursing


Research that Matters Nutrition and Food Sciences associate professor Carolyn Moore, R.D.N, Ph.D., is fighting the good fight when it comes to food


Research that Matters The Stroke Center at the TWU Dallas campus is renowned for outpatient treatments and research programs that aid in the

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