IT WAS PROBABLY WRITTEN in the stars that Glenda Brock Simmons’ life would be intertwined with Texas Woman’s. Simmons ’61, ’62 is an alumna and a long-time affiliate who grew up two blocks from the Denton campus.

Simmons has the unique distinction of being the longest-standing member of the Redbud Society. Members of the university’s Redbud Society are donors who have given more than three consecutive years. Simmons has given annually for more than 50 years.

“I have always wanted to contribute to TWU in whatever way I could,” says Simmons. “I have a wonderful life, and a lot of it was spent at the university.”

Simmons’ association with TWU began in the mid-1900s, when her father asked for a work transfer to Denton. He wanted his wife and daughters to attend Texas Woman’s.

“I roamed the campus when I was 12 years old,” says Simmons. “My love for the university began there.”

Texas Woman’s was a home away from home for Simmons. “It never in a million years would have occurred to me that I would have a chance to teach at the university,” says Simmons. “That opportunity was just made in heaven.”

After teaching subjects ranging from typewriting to investments for 20 years, she served as the vice president for student life for another 15 years. One of her proudest achievements was establishing family housing.

Simmons isn’t sure when she started giving. “I know every penny counts,” says Simmons. “I gave small amounts when I was a student and when I first graduated. You give what you can give.”

“I’ve done what my heart has told me to do. And, one thing it has told me to do is to be generous with TWU.” 

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