“REMARKABLE CHANGE.” That’s how Dental Hygiene Program Director Charlene Dickinson describes how the profession of dental hygiene — and dental hygiene education at Texas Woman’s — has evolved in the last 50 years.

TWU dental hygiene students in 1973
1973: TWU dental hygiene students providing teeth cleanings to community residents on the Denton campus.
(Photo: TWU Special Collections)

In 1973, six students graduated with a bachelor’s in dental hygiene. The program has evolved significantly since its inception. Fifty years later, TWU’s dental hygiene program has experienced an enrollment increase of over 2,000% at the undergraduate level alone. The program offers three bachelor’s degrees and a master’s of science in health studies with a focus in dental hygiene.

“The competitive and rigorous program has a strong emphasis on community engagement and interpersonal education,” says Dickinson. “I love witnessing students’ lightbulb moments.

Our graduates have a wonderful reputation in their communities. They are prepared, successful on their boards and ready to go into practice.”

Coming this fall, TWU will open a new 20,142-squarefoot dental clinic with 32 operatories, 12 radiology units and a simulation lab. 

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