YOUNG-HOO KWON has a swinging job. For the last 14 years, this professor of kinesiology has used motion-capture technology in his Biomechanics and Motor Behavior Lab on the Denton campus to understand the science of golf.

Thanks to Kwon, TWU has become one of the world’s leading researchers in golf biomechanics.

Hideki Matsuyama, winner of the 2021 Masters Tournament, and other champions have sought his scientific expertise. Over 100 professional and amateur golfers visit Kwon’s lab every year. Covered in sensors, they hit balls into nets and are transformed into computer animations for analysis.

What is the secret to a better golf swing? “Improve your backswing,” according to Kwon, although this strategy is counterintuitive. “Trust yourself,” he says. “Don’t try to blindly imitate elite players, or you might ruin your swing.” 

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